2016 Guide to Berrien County

Berrien County is located on the far southwestern side of the State.  It is bordered on the west by Lake Michigan and the south by Indiana.  Established in 1829 from yet unorganized territory, Berrien County derives its name from Attorney General John M. Berrien (1781-1856) who served under the Andrew Jackson administration.

Size: 1581 sq miles (1014 sq miles water / 568 sq miles land)

The earliest immigration of settlers into Berrien county, came from the south and the majority were of southern origin, either by birth or by descent. They belonged to that hardy and venturesome race of genuine pioneers whose prototype was Daniel Boone.

They came into a wilderness where there were no roads, where savages and wild beasts were numerous, and where none of the comforts and conveniences of civilized life existed.

No road to the St. Joseph river existed except a dangerous track from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Niles, crossed by numerous rivers and streams which the traveler was obliged to ford. The only residences between Fort Wayne and Niles were the houses of the French traders at South Bend and Bertrand.

It was not till about 1834, after the Erie Canal had been completed and the Chicago road constructed, that immigration set is from the Empire state.

Who were these early settlers?

These southern pioneers were a cheerful, contented people whose wants were few and easily supplied. They were honest and hospitable.

County Website: www.berriencounty.org

Berrien County Records Department
2100 East Empire, Benton Township
Mon. 8:30-12:30 | Wed. 8:30-4:30 | Fri 12:30-4:30

Birth Records (from 1867) – in office | via Vitalchek | or download form on county website – $13.00

Marriage Records (from 1831) – in office | via Vitalchek | or download form on county website – $13.00

Death Records (from 1867) – in office | via Vitalchek | or download form on county website – $13.00

Naturalization Records (1835-1985) – at County

Divorce Records – family division, 4th floor of courthouse.  Some records are not on site.  Call first and they will have ready when you arrive.  Send inquiries to:

Family Division File Clerks
Berrien County Courthouse – 4th Floor
811 Port Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085
phone: 269.983.7111 x8410

Berrien History Center at Courthouse Square has indexed death and marriage records – available on their site in PDF format.  You are able to order the documents from the History Center: marriage (1832-1929) and death records (1867-1929) are $5.00 postpaid.  Also available from the History Center are Probate Court Files and Minor’s Estate Files – $12.00 postpaid.  www.berrienhistory.org



Civil/Criminal/Family Court Records (from 1835) 
$10.00 record check – fee will be kept if nothing found
$13.00 for certified copy plus $1.00 per page

County Clerk Office
Berrien County Courthouse
811 Port Street, Room 123
St. Joseph, MI 49085
Phone: 269.983.7111 x8368
Email: clerk@berriencounty.org?subject=Records Check

Probate Records

(Check index at berrienhistory.org)

FamilySearch.org (1797-1973)
Ancestry.com (1784-1980)

Register of Deeds

Phone: 269.983.7111 x8562
Email: ROD@berriencounty.org
County website online search only goes back to 1950

Genealogical Society

Berrien County Genealogical Society

Other Genealogical Sites

Berrien County Genealogy Project



Benton Harbor Library
has on microfilm the Herald-Palladium and the News-Palladium back to October 1868 with some missing.

Newspapers.com (subscription)
Semi-Weekly Palladium | Benton Harbor, Michigan | 1894-1895
St. Joseph Herald | St. Joseph, Michigan | 1868-1889
The Weekly Press | St. Joseph, Michigan | 1906-1909

Miscellaneous Records

Ancestry.com has the following:
Berrien County, Michigan Directory, 1892 (farmer/resident directory)
Berrien County directory and history, 1871
Polk Directory 1907-1908 / 1912-1913 / 1918
Twentieth Century History of Berrien County, Michigan – Orville Coolidge
A History and Genealogy of the Finch Family of Berrien County, Michigan
W.A. Norton’s directory of Berrien County – 1899


Twentieth Century History of Berrien County Michigan by Judge Orville W. Coolidge | Illustrated | 1906 The Lewis Publishing Company: Chicago, New York

This book is available on Ancestry.com or as a Google Books download.

The book gives important facts concerning the early history of Berrien County beginning with the Native Americans and French Settlers.  Chapter 6 is an exhaustive look at every Berrien County resident who served in the Civil War, complete with unit served and battles.  A genealogical gem.

There are chapters devoted to the main cities of: Niles, St. Joseph, Berrien, Orinoco, Bertrand, Buchanan, New Buffalo, Watervliet, Benton (Harbor), Bainbridge, Pipestone, Seesaw, Lake, Royalton and Lincoln, Sodus, Three Oaks, Chiming, Galien, and Hager.

Pages 286 through 1007 are biographies rich in details with some illustrations.  Where noted as (photos) is an indication that there is more than one photo for that particular family, either a spouse or family photo in addition to the subject.  Included biographies:

Orville W. Coolidge p286 (photo)
John E. De Mott p287
Mitchel Alexander p288
George Hanley p289
Frederick C. Franz p290
Lucas Beyrer p291
Henry C. Morton p291 (photo)
J. Stanley Morton p293
Jonas H. Holden p294
William Becht p295
Henry Emlong p296
Francis A. Daniels p296
John Bell, M.D. p297 (photo)
George M. Bell, M.D. p302 (photo)
John Schafer p303
John B. Nixon p303
Mrs. Helen Vail p305
Abijah Birdsey p306
Warren A. Smith, M.D. p307
Elmer H. Wright p308
John C. Hoopenganer p309
Guy C. Mars p309
Henry Kephart p310
William Dester p311
Daniel G. W. Gaugler p312
Hon. Edward L. Hamilton p313 (photo)
John H. Sparks p314
Benson Brothers p314
George N. Otwell p315
Frank Starkweather p316
J. Sherlock Allen p317
Abel W. Wells p318 (photo)
William F. Bullard, M.D. p319
William H. Graham p320
Frank Rhoades p320
George P. Cranson p321
Charles H. Taube p322
Edward Brant p323 (photo)
Darwin B. Sutherland p325
Warner M. Baldwin p326
Albert Newton p327
Uriah Harris p328
George Strong p329
John R. Wallace p330 (photo)
Dudley B. Wallace p332
John J. Winn, Jr. p333
Henry E. Thurston p334
Arthur Hansler p335
Andrew Crawford p336 (photo)
James F. Skinner p337
George S. Hoppin p338
Dr. E. S. Dodd p339
Ernest L. Ranft p340
George H. Black p341
Edgar F. Garland p342 (photo)
A. D. Young p343
Hon. James B. Thomson p344
Aaron Clark p345
Orville Curtis, M. D. p346
John Garwood p347
David Scherer p347 (photo)
W. E. Hoadley p349
John M. Rouch p349
Alexander Emery p350
James W. Dixon p351
Charles F. Pears p352
John J. Sumrill p352 (photo)
David Wolf p354
John A. Cart p355
Otis W. Ballard p356
J. A. Garland, M.D. p357
Theodore Metzger p357
Mrs. Polly Yerington p358 (photo)
George W. Noble p359
Thomas F. Houswerth p360
John J. Hastings p361
Benjamin F. Butzbach p361
Elmer E. Rouse p362
George Bridgeford p363 (photo)
Frank H. Platt p364
Milton Thompson Carey, M. D. p366
Charles Newton Sowers p367
George J. Edgcumbe, A. M., Ph.D p368
M. G. Metras p369 (photo)
John C. Bostick, M. D. p371
Captain Samuel Boughter p372
Frank B. Moore p373
Eugene L. Krieger, D. V. S. p374
Daniel Green p375
Munroe H. Morrow p375 (photo)
Nathaniel A. Herring, M. D. p377
Claudis B. Chapin, M. D. p377
James J. Miller p378
Daniel Hunt p379
Helmath A. Foeltzer p380
James W. Lucas p381 (photo)
Alvah P. Cady p381
Byron L. Hall p382
Edward B. Cryan p383
Louis W. Milbourne p384
Albert Ross Arford p384
Elisha Ingraham p385 (photo)
Dr. Berton G. Watson p386
John Schairer p387
Edward Brammall p388
Selim B. Ellsworth, D. D. S. p389
Spencer B. Van Horn p389
Edwin Wallace Young p391 (photos)
Charles K. Farmer p393
Julius E. Dunbar p394
Samuel E. Daigneau p395
Elden C. Harner p396
Frank D. Conger p397
Stephen V. Burdick p398 (photo)
Andrew M. Spink p400
William Henry Case p401
George Horn p402
Dwight Warren p402
Edwin F. Platt p405
C. H. Farnum p406 (photo)
William W. Green p408
Charles D. Stuart p409
Warren S. Pearl p410
Franklin Howard p411
Frank Z. Dye p412
Professor John Dowling Schiller p414 (photo)
Hon. Sam H. Kelley p414
Henry H. Hamann p416
Sylvester B. Kimball p416
William L. Bruce p418
Stephen M. Austin p418
Oscar Damon p419 (photos)
Wakeman Ryno M. D. p421
William S. Morley p422
William W. East p424
Phay A. Graffort p425
John W. Beistle p426
John Greenfield p427 (photo)
John C. Dick p428
Albert A. Worthington p429
W. A. Palmer p430
Alonzo F. Howe p431
William C. Kimbel p432
William M. Parrish p432
Benajah Hiatt Spencer p434 (photos)
Ebenezer P. Morley p435
Raymond B. Gillette p436
John D. Bury p438 (photo)
John V. Phillips p440
August F. Bliesmer p441
Dr. Henry V. Tutton p442 (photo)
Peter Frederick Mess p443
Abram Deuel p444
Christian Timm p445
John H. Rohde p446
Theodore Spading p446
James F. Higbee p447 (photo)
Fritz L. Kless p450
John C. Schwenk p451
John Stuck p452
Thomas H. Martin p453
Joseph Mulholland p454
Harvey J. Campbell p455 (photo)
W. K. Whitehead p456
Dix H. Beeson p457
Joseph J. Deuel p458
Alexander Halliday p459
James H. Flood p460
Joseph Tennant p461 (photo)
Thomas P. Flood p462
Christian Miller p463
Fred G. Briggs p463
W. A. D. Rose p464
Wilbur Fisk Behel p465
Hiram A. Edwards p467 (photo)
Hiram Wilson p468
John H. Stover p470
Alfred O. French p471
Harry Bort p472
Fred Geisler p474
Alexander H. Scott, Jr., M. D. p476 (photo)
Christian Meyer p477
Charles E. Sabin p477
Henry J. Rush p478
Frank A. Stryker p479
Richard M. Goodwin p480
George W. Rough p482 (photos)
Charles F. Howe p483
Isaiah Rynearson p484
Alfred R. Hall p486
John Kramer p486
James Edgar French p487
Thomas Lyon p488 (photo)
Emory J. Glidden p489
Samuel W. Redden p490
Dr. August William Birkholz p491
John S. Gibson p493
Peter Gordon p494
John J. Brooks p495 (photo)
B. O. Ericsson, M. D. p496
Charles Edward Whitten p497
John P. Rau p498
George L. Stevens p499
Jacob M. Schwenk p500
Prosper O. Bowe p501 (photo)
Dr. Frederick F. Sovereign p503
Dr. William L. Helkie p504
Charles Close p505
William Shafer p506
W. E. Mutchler p507
Frank L. Fulkerson p507 (photo)
Ellis S. Roe p508
D. L. Boardman p509
Washington A. Smith p510
General Lyman M. Ward p511
George Wright p512
Claus H. Schultz p514
Edson Bushnell Jewett p515
John C. Lawrence p517
H. L. Gersonde p518
J. E. Stevens p520
O. P. Woodworth p522
Hon. Henry Chamberlain p523 (photo)
Lott F. Sutherland p529
Sterling L. Sutherland p530
Robert Pullen p532
Frank Pullen p533
Clarence D. Birkholm p534
Dr. Burton D. Giddings p535 (photo)
Samuel J. Quade p536
Joseph Richards p537
William P. Van Namee p538
Ernest Vanderveer p539
William N. Vanderveer p540
Charles A. Spencer p542
Louis A. King, M. D. p544 (photo)
Oscar D. Snyder p544
Hial Alden p545
John B. Stouffer p547
Anson F. Bither p549
L. Kelly p550
John B. Jerue p551 (photo)
L. G. Moulton p551
James J. Weir, M.D. p552
John Gleeson p553
Captain James McDonald p553
Harris S. Whitney p555
George A. Parren p556 (photo)
Edward Clark Sisson p556
Thomas Lee Wilkinson p557
John Burkhart p558
Judson Sawin p559
Robert Cushing Thayer p561
Francis Henry Morley p561 (photo)
Louis Heise p563
J. L. Richards p564
Joseph Griffith p565
Benjamin C. Geyer p566
Milton J. Bliss p567
Nicholas Dickerman p568 (photo)
William E. File p569
Spencer F. Sparks p569
M. E. Harger p570
Dr. L. E. Peck p571
Elmer Butts p572
Zachariah Plummer p573 (photo)
William Blake p574
Jacob E. Enders p575
Edward C. McCollum p576
George Foster p577
William D. Sparks p577
John Clark p579 (photo)
James Whalen p580
Horace J. Adams p581
Robert A. Walton p582
William Shearer p583
Edgar L. Snuff p584
John J. Foster p584
Chester P. Phelps p585 (photo)
James M. Beall p587
Edward Vetterley p588
Charles Henry Mitchell p589
Gilbert Hutchinson p590
Henry L. King p591
Joshua Ells p592 (photo)
George Olsen p594
William Henry Wells p595
Peter D. Dukesherer p597
John F. Gard p597
John Higman p598
Abraham Jackson Knisely p599 (photos)
William Richards Lyon p601
Charles H. Whitcomb p602
Charles W. Ormsbee p602
William Barnes Church p603
Fred W. Cook p604
Sherwood Snyder p605 (photo)
Jether L. Johnson p606
Miss Retta Hollett p607
R. Clarke Allen, M. D. p608
Rev. Dennis Owen Mulcahy p609
George F. Sonner p610
James Jakway p611 (photos)
William Henry Seitz p613
John M. Allmendinger p614
Andrew Kramer p615
John Vincent Starr p616
Edward J. Witt, M. D. p617
Lewis Sutherland p618 (photos)
Roland F. Taber p619
Rev. Father Michael George Esper p621
Henry Burton p621
Mrs. Olive A. Edinborough p622
Clellen B. Bury p624
F. M. Witbeck p626
A. J. Scofield p627
Mrs. Fanny Berry p628
Bernard Theodore Sells p629
G. F. Mulliken p630
Isaac J. Hoag p631 (photo)
Theodore Littleson p631
Thomas Hollinrake p632
Louis S. Hamilton p634
George A. Mills p634
Frank Bracelin p635
Joseph W. French p636 (photo)
James E. Harder p639
Rev. Charles Ager p640
George E. Flower p641
Salma Barmore p642
Charles M. Montague p643
William Chamberlain p644 (photo)
Lester G. and Leslie W. Platt p646
Theodore Gilbert Beaver p647
Aden M. Emerson p649
Edwin Irvin Backus, D.D.S. p649
Eben D. Collins p650
Reuben D. Parker, M.D. p652 (photo)
James W. Isbell p652
Nathaniel H. Bacon p653
W. Irving Babcock p655
Rudolph F. Kompass p655
George E. Corell p656
Edmon Alfred Graham p658 (photo)
Henry Lardner p659
Orrin E. Dix p661
John H. Collis p662
Ezra Brant p662
William Camfield p663
Frederick A. Hobbs p665 (photo)
James Flood p667
Edward Brodrick p667
Allen M. Randall p668
Nathaniel M. Brant p671
George E. Smith p673 (photo)
Lewis D. Harris p675
Barney Hazzard Brant p676
Fred McKee p677
Wilmer M. Pratt p677
Joseph R. Hemenway p679
Eugene C. Dana p680 (photo)
Morgan W. Matrau p681
Lewis Valentine p682
John Morgan p684
Thomas Granger p685
John Martindale p686
William Freestone p687 (photo)
Wilbert D. Freestone p688 (photo)
George Griffin p689
Burr Bartram p690
Porter E. Brant p691
Captain J. J. Baker p693
John Dempster Hill p694
Matthew Stoll p696 (photo)
Benjamin J. Eaman p697
James M. Eaman p698
William H. Hill p699
Isaac A. Bonine p700
Frank H. Ellsworth p701
Benjamin F. Earl p702 (photo)
William Wees p703
Andrew M. Hawks p704
William C. Dockter p705
Horace W. Garland p705
Henry Peters p707
Albert Russell Nowlen p707 (photo)
Hon. Thomas Jefferson West p709
Rev. Edward Frederick Strickland p710
Simeon Belknap, M.D. p711
John F. Wilson p712
Edwin C. Griffin p713
George Graham p714 (photos)
Edward H. Kingsley p715
William E. Sheffield p716
Theron T. Ransom p717
Professor Ernest P. Clarke p718
Hon. Rosco D. Dix p719 (photo)
George A. Forler p720
George Milton Valentine p721
George Henkel p722
Robert C. Atkinson p723
Warren & Company p724 (Frank J. & George L.)
Hon. Thomas Mars p725 (photo)
Carl Forler Whetstone p727
Charles S. Quimby p728
Charles E. White p729
George M. Baitenger p730
Wingate W. Newman p731
August Vetterly p731 (photos)
John F. Duncan p733
William Lynn Wilson M.D. p734
Luther I. McLin M.D. p735
Moses A. Price p736
John Burke p736
Joseph Skalla p737 (photos)
Abial C. Copeland p738
William H. Weber p740
William H. Bullard p741
Carmi Reddick Smith p742
Captain Moses Emerson p743
Hans Madison p745 (photo)
Edmund B. Storms p745
Jacob L. Edinger p746
William L. Holland p747
Arthur O. Ullrey, M.D. p748
Jacob Cribbs p749
William M. Wissing p750
Theron D. Childs p751
J. T. Beckwith p752
Isaac M. Smith p753
James Smith p754
Amos C. House p755
Juan M. Guy p756 (photos)
Charles H. French p758
Jacob E. Vite p759
William F. Bainton p759
Solon Cutler p760
Barney Kaiser p761
Isaac Lybrook p761 (photos)
John T. Dempsey p762
Richard Benjamin Metzger p763
Maurice Glavin p764
Thomas F. Glavin p765
Cornelius Hoven p765
Victor H. Thomas p766
John Johnson p767 (photos)
Richard Williams Montross p768
John S. Ingles p769
William C. Hewitt p770
Henry D. Ingles p770
Frank Thompson p771
William Henry Miller p771 (photos)
Charles A. Vinton p773
Alonzo Goodenough p773
Frank Brewer p774
Alvin Morley p775
Fred A. Tichenor p775
Irving R. Pearl p776 (photo)
Charles A. Clark p778
Theo N. Stafford, M.D. p779
Frederick W. Howe p780
George P. Pullen p780
Charles M. King p781
Henry Lockinaw p782
Michael F. Harner p783 (photos)
B. Frank Mars p784
Richard H. Morris p784
James D. Platt p785
Henry J. Moyer p786
David Houseworth p786
Abraham A. Harner p787 (photos)
Rodney P. Hoadley p788
George F. Stewart p789
Emery Franklin Ferry p791
Mathias Rist p793
Chauncey Smith p793
Daniel T. Feather p794 (photo)
Stephen Scott p796
Jacob Brower p797
Elmore C. Spaulding p798
Jacob C. Krieger p799
John W. Fay p800
Charles Miller p801 (photo)
Hon. James L. McKie p802
John D. Vanderveer p803
Ira R. Stemm p804
Charles Frederick Mutchler p805
Hon. Nathan V. Lovell p806 (photo)
Henry A. Feather p808 (photos)
Milton H. Feather p810
Miss Carrie Nott p811
George Morlock p812
Thomas W. Price p813
Fred Dukescherer p813
William T. Adams p815
Hiram S. Helmick p816 (photo)
John Peo p817
Joseph Walker p819
William Wyant p819
Edgar S. Pennell p820
William P. King p821
Abel Garr p823 (photos)
William D. Bremer p824
John J. Nothdurft p825
Charles D. Shippy p826
John Burg p827
Charles Kluth p828
Peter Womer p829 (photos)
William A. Womer p830 (photos)
Marshall D. Franklin p831
Levi Willard p832
Henry Schopbach p832
Alec Watson p833
William H. Watson p834
Alonzo Vincent p834 (photo)
Captain William A. Keith p836
David Knight p837
Cornelius Dalenberg p837
John H. Rodgers p838
Hale E. Ryther p839
William Frederich Wangerin p840
Edward D. Eidson p841 (photos)
Henry C. Hatch p841
Timothy H. Ives p842
George Edwin Gillam p843
Daniel S. Savage p844
E. Clifford Know p844
Byron Pennell p845 (photo)
Chester Badger p846
James M. Ball p847
Joshua Feather p848
W. A. Ward p849
Henry E. Whalen p850
Peter Hansen p851 (photo)
William Mell p852
Philip J. Bardelmeier p853
Bascom Parker p854
Ray E. Lee p855
Frank Kniebes p856
Reuben W. Reese p857 (photos)
Joseph W. Hauser p859
Samuel McGuigan p860
Frank H. Whipple p861
Gilbert A. Eidson p862
Elliott H. Caldwell p863
M. S. Bedinger p864
Roland B. Taber, M.D. p865 (photo)
Harry K. Graham p866
George P. Sattler p867
Lewis Sattler p867
Rudolph Wetzer p868
Louis Rickert p869
Chauncey B. Reese p870 (photos)
William Cook p871
Charles L. Patterson p871
Oliver F. Wellington p872
Levi Batten p872
William F. Enders p873
Thomas Taylor p874 (photos)
Adam Enders p876
William Walton p877
Albert E. Chauncey p878
Calvin Myers p879
Henry K. Nold p880
William A. Feather Sr. p881
George Mangold p881
Sylvester Shedd p882
Garey Donner p883
Udorus E. Trowbridge p884
Christian Lusso p884
Samuel J. Rector p885
Erasmus S. Heckman p886
Fred Deidrich p887
Charles Vollmann p887
John Butzbach p888
Philip H. Butzbach p889
Sullivan M. Clawson p890 (photos)
William W. Knapp p891
Dwight Boyer p892
Abram Yates p893
Eugene W. Austin p894
Robert H. Sherwood p895
Carl J. Schultz p897 (photo)
Jacob D. Krieger p898
Charles G. Schaus p899
Urias Van Vranken p901
Lewis Umphrey p902
Joseph Willming p902
J. H. Herring, M.D. p903 (photo)
Daniel C. Arnt p904
Jacob Kniebes p905
Frederick Krieger p906
Jacob L. Schaus p907
August Dukesherer p908
John W. Bedford p910 (photos)
Charles Moser p911
Horace M. Wise p912
Cyrus B. Groat p912
William P. Barkhouse p913
Balaam Dodge p914
William A. Hess p915 (photo)
Jacob M. Paul p916
David B. Flewelling p916
Samuel Z. Waltz p917
John F. Wyant p918
Solomon L. Snavely p918
Bradford H. Wood p919
John J. Murphy p920
Frank A. McKindley p921
John J. Claypool p922
Dr. J. M. Murphy p924
Gerald Handy p924 (photos)
Hezekiah McCombs p925
David Crall p925
Erastus Murphy p926
John L. Bishop p927
Harvey R. Murphy p928
George Parsons p929 (photo)
Jacob B. Crall p931
Thomas B. Wynn p932
Eli Ridenour p932
Thomas W. Jones p933 (photo)
Franklin Gowdy p934
M. T. Murphy p936
Charles E. Dana p937
Charles L. Lemon p938
Hon. Alonzo Sherwood p939
Edward N. Hatch p939
Burns Helmick p940
A. C. Rinkenberger, M.D. p942
Charles D. Nichols p943
Washington B. Smith p944
William H. Cassiday p944
George L. Franz p945
Milo A. Jennings p945
Roy Clark p947
Wallace A. Preston p948 (photos)
William Lavanway p949
James H. Gardner p950
George T. Yetter p951
William H. H. Doane p951
Mrs. Hannah R. Burbank Doane p952
Charles Wesley Teetzel p953 (photo)
O. A. Robinson p954
Clark Lavanway p955
M. O. Collins p955
E. Sorrell p956
Edwin Burton p956
John E. Barnes p957 (photo)
Charles Henry Rector p958
Albert Schell p959
David Sidney Rector Jr. p960 (photo)
John F. Hogue p961
Ernest Tabor p961
Edwin Sharai p962
Alfred J. Sharai p963
Mrs. Abbie Seegmiller p964
John W. Sharai p964
James P. Versaw p965
Carlton E. Tabor p966
Isaac Light p967
Israel M. Allen p967
Emerson Hogue p968
J. H. McCartney, M.D. p969
William H. Cook p970
Charles McGowan p971
R. Smith Pennell p971
Fred Fulton p972
Frank P. Cupp p972
S. C. Reams p973
Homer E. Hess p974
George S. Lamore p975
Henry J. Bowman p976
Davis Archer p976
John R. Sutherland p977
William Collins p978 (photos)
Frank A. Johnson p979
Frederick Bakeman p979
Milton Preston p980
Jacob Tibbs p981
Jacob Aumack p982
George Sharp p983
Burton A. Crandall p984
William J. Feather p984
Cyrus C. Hodges p986
David H. Ullrey p987
Burwell Hinchman p988
Frederick W. Richter p989
Frank M. Gowdy, M.D. p990
Karel Musil p991
Joseph Schmitt p992
Juan Hess p993
Omar A. D. Baldwin p995
Alva Sherwood p996
Amandus O. Winchester p1000
Edward Kirk Warren p1001
Melbourne H. Olmstead p1004
Oscar Wyant p1005
Albert S. Ricketts p1006
Jacob Brenner p1006

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