A History of Genesee County, Michigan with Illustrations

Genesee is an interior county of Michigan, situated in the southeastern part of the lower peninsula of the State; its capital city, Flint, which is also nearly its territorial centre. The limits of Genesse include eighteen townships, sixteen of which lie together in a form of a square; and the remaining two townships join the square on the west half of its south line.

Genesee County lies entirely within the Saginaw Valley, upon a slope which has a general inclination towards the northwest. The greatest altitude is at the southeast corner of the county, it being there about 400 feet above Lake Huron, and about 900 feet above the sea. From that point the descent is gradual and regular to the extreme northwest corner, where the altitude is but about 50 feet above the lake. The Northeastern and southeastern corners are nearly the same, being about 250 feet above Huron.

All the waters of the county find their outlet to the lake through the channel of the Saginaw River. The principal stream of Genesee is the Flint River.

With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
By Franklin Ellis
Published by Everts & Abbott; Philadelphia, 1879

This work includes histories of the following townships: Flint, Fenton, Grand Blanc, Atlas, Flushing, Mundy, Argentine, Mount Morris, Genesee, Gaines, Burton, Clayton, Vienna, Thetford, Davison, Richfield, Forest, and Montrose.

This work includes biographies for the following individuals:

Hon. Edward H. Thomson, Chauncey S. Payne, Grant Decker, E. H. McQuigg
James Van Vleet, Elias J. Bump, George Crocker, Jeremy R. Chambers, George E. Taylor, Wm. M. Fenton, Gen. M. D. McAlester, Gov. H. H. Crapo, Hon. Alexander McFarlan, Hon. Josiah W. Begole, George M. Dewey, Ira D. Wright, Steward H. Webster, Anson Gilbert, Robert P. Aitken, Frederick A. Begole, G. J. W. Hill, Jerome Z. Fairbank, Seth C. Sadler, George W. Berryman, Charles DeWitt Gibson, Silas D. Halsey, Simeon M. Perry, Gurdon G. Cook, Michael Ferguson, Caleb S. Thompson, Lewis O. Medbury, Edgar E. Stimson, Stephen Jordan, The McNeil Family, Jonathan Frost, The Carpenter Family, Jeremiah Narrin, Henry French, Ebenezer French, Daniel Cotcher, John Paton, Thomas H. Kelland, Andrew F. Sutton, Alexander Barber, Josiah Alger and Family, Morgan Baldwin, Peter Hempsted, Ebenezer Bishop, John L. Jennings, John Slaght, William I. Williams, Volney Stiles, Henry H. Howland, Samuel W. Alger, John Reid, Nathan W. Selden, Chauncey L. Badgley, John B. Cochran, Lorenzo C. Fletcher, John Boyd, Lewis Lahring, William T. Jennings, David Brooks, Richard Johnson, William S. Pierson, Henry D. Hunt, Henry B. Diller, George W. Hovey, Simon King, John Wollfitt, Walter Knickerbocker, Henry Knickerbocker, Whitman F. Clapp, Hiram H. Bardwell, M.D., The Atherton Family, Pliny A. Skinner, Daniel W. Richards, Ira Chase, John C. Wolverton, Paul E. Traynor, Peter Lennon, Caleb Calkins, Michael McEnrue, James Penoyer, Isaac Lyons, Michael Donahoo, James L. Curry, David S. Halsted, Milton B. Stage, Crawford Barkley, Frederick S. Taylor, Nahum N. Wilson, Charles M. Bouttell, Jacob W. Sharick, William Green, Franklin E. Dodge, George Geiger, Jr., William H. Long, Daniel F. Bennett, Jacob Kurtz, Henry Drudge, Amase Carrier, Jacob W. White, Simeon R. Billings, Frederick Olds, Chauncey W. Seeley, Seymour W. Ensign, Sr.

This work includes complete lists of Civil War soldiers from the 8th, 10th, 16th, 23rd, 29th and 30th Michigan Infantries, the 1st Engineers and Mechanices, the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Michigan Cavalries and the 13th Battery.

Early newspapers of the County include:

The Flint River Gazette (Democrat/Conservative) – first paper in Genesee County; first issue 26 Jan 1839. (microfilm Flint Public Library)
The Northern Advocate (Whig/Liberal) – 18 April 1840 to 1842
Genesee Gazette (Democrat/Conservative) – weekly, first published 16 April 1842. Short-lived.
Genesee Herald (Whig/Liberal) – weekly, first published 7 Jan 1843. Short-lived. (microfilm Flint Public Library)
Genesee County Democrat – weekly, first published 6 June 1843. (microfilm Flint Public Library)
Genesee Republican (Democrat/Conservative) – first published 17 April 1845 (microfilm Flint Public Library and Library of Michigan)
The Flint Republican – first issued December 1845 until 30 Sept 1853. (microfilm Flint Public Library)
The Western Citizen – published in Flint. Short-lived.
Genesee Democrat – Established 1848.
The Wolverine Citizen (Whig/Liberal) – oldest newspaper in the county. First published 23 Feb 1850 under the name Genesee Whig. Then as Whig party fell to the wayside renamed the Wolverine Citizen and Genesee Whig from Jan to Dec 1856. Then dropped latter half to become just the Wolverine Citizen from that date. This liberal newspaper favored the formation of the Republican Party (then liberal – replacement of the Whigs).
The Flint Globe (Republican/Liberal) – Established 1866. (microfilm Flint Public Library)
The Flint Journal (Democrat/Conservative) (microfilm Flint Public Library) (microfilm Flint Public Library and Library of Michigan) (GenealogyBank has from 1898-1922).
The Wolverine Daily Citizen – first issue August 1859 until November 1860. Owned by samed editor for The Wolverine Citizen. Discontinued daily paper due to costs.
Fentonville Observer – started Fall of 1854. Issued weekly for several months. Discontinued.
Fenton Gazette – first issue 17 October 1865. Independent.
The Christian Index – an Episcopalian Journal. First issue December 1868. Short-lived.
The Fenton Independent – established May 1868. Published weekly on Tuesdays.
The Linden Weekly Record – published at Linden. Started 16 January 1878. Independent.
The Flushing Patrol – established 16 January 1878.

Below are all biographical illustrations contained within the book.

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