For detailed projects (breaking through brick walls, i.e.) Michigan Ancestry Coach recommends blocks of 10 hour research time (minimum).  Why?  This allows approximately 7 solid hours of research and 3 hours in report preparation per 10 hour block.  Our fee is just $50 per hour.  

For assistance with adoption records we charge a $100 flat fee (2 hour limit).  This fee covers our legwork in searching for and contacting the necessary probate courts and adoption agencies to find where records are held.  At this point you will need to submit in writing proof of your relationship along with a $60 fee to the agency/court.  It can take 8 weeks (sometimes more) to receive a response in writing. What you will receive varies depending on whether release forms are on file.  If not, there may be additional work needed using the non-identifying information given by the said court/agency.  Additional fees will then be determined should you decide to move forward.

We require 1/2 down as a retainer fee with the other 1/2 due upon completion of project.  We keep an open line of communication with each client via email (phone only if necessary) as this gives us a written summary for our files.

Should you decide to hire Michigan Ancestry Coach we will forward you a customized client contract with further instructions on how to proceed.  All pertinent documentation should be submitted to avoid redundancy in research.

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