Lillie Orcutt BENTON

This large photo card was found in Kent County, Michigan.  It features a young woman garbed in white (wedding).  The phAntiquePhotos_0010otographer’s mark is “J R Osborn in Coldwater, Michigan”.  On the reverse is written in pencil “Lillie Bentin (or Benton)”.

As Coldwater is in Branch County a search for Lillie Bentin/Benton in that county reveals one Lillian Benton, age 12, living in Matteson, Branch County in 1870.  The 1880 Federal census have Lillian living under her father’s household.  Lillian is now 21 and a schoolteacher.  Her family consists of: father Daniel, 63, a farmer; mother Lydia, 57; brother Rollin, 23; and brother Adelbert, 20.

The Branch County marriage registry tells us that Lillian Orcutt married a Herbert Benton on 27 January 1890 in Matteson.  This would date the photo in 1890 if wedding garb.

Herbert and Lillian Benton had children.  Lillian died on 27 August 1946 in Coldwater.

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