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George PECK

This photo card was found in Kent County, Michigan.  Photo face bears the photographer’s mark: Noble on 126 & 128 Canal Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Canal Street is now called Monroe. City Directories show that the Noble photography studio

Mable and Burton TANNER

This photo card was found in Ionia County, Michigan. Written on photo’s face is “Birt and Mable Tanner”. The photographer mark is G. S. Beardsley in Charlotte, Michigan. Beautiful children. The only children that seem correct appear on the 1900

Thomas and Frankette Basom JOHNSTON

This photo card was found in Ionia County, Michigan. The photo was taken in Bellevue, Eaton County, Michigan by the Michigan Photo Company.  On the photo’s reverse is written: “Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Johnston, Ypsilanti Mich.”  Handwritten in pencil: “For Mable

Fleshing Out an Ancestral Home

An essential aspect of a professional client report is going beyond what is found online – beyond In error do beginning family historians believe that everything they need to know about a family can be found online.  Not so. 

Your Michigan Ancestors

I’ve always been interested in history, figuring out where I fit in and my general purpose. Growing up I spent many summer weeks with my Grandparents who talked often about my ancestors.  People that had lived through both World Wars,

Tjitske Postma

Finding Jessie

In recent travels to her ancestral homeland of Friesland, a client learned from relation that Jessie, her grandfather’s sister, may have emigrated to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I was contacted to discover what happened to her: whether she lived in Grand

Lost Grave of Horace Seymour

Strolling through the northeastern section (Section 9) of the Fulton Street Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I came upon the following stone buried in the sod.  Given the stone’s condition it had been this way for quite some time… neglected. 

Michigan’s 1890 Census Substitute

The 1890 Federal Census was destroyed by a 1921 fire at the United States Commerce Department in Washington D.C.   What was not incinerated was flooded with the water used to extinguish the fire.  A plethora of irreplaceable genealogical information was

Maggie YPMA Headstone

Finding Maggie YPMA

Buried for nearly a century beneath the soil the headstone of Maggie YPMA has now been restored to its original glory.  But who was Maggie YPMA and what did she do in life? MAGGIE YPMAGeb. 15 Apr. 1882Overl. 4 Sept.

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