I Cannot Say Enough in Praise of Mr. Kruizenga

While writing a family history I approached Mr. Kruizenga to look into some discrepancies about the background of my great-grandfather, a Dutch immigrant who had lived in the Grand Rapids area.  There was conflicting data from family members, Ancestry.com, family trees, etc.  I needed a professional genealogist, someone who had access to foreign records and who could translate the Dutch material and make sense of it.  I also wanted the backing of a professional’s “seal of approval” on whatever was found.

Mr. Kruizenga pursued the project with unexpected vigor and competence.  I received four lengthy reports from him that addressed each of my questions.  Not only did I get the raw data (at least 10 records of births, deaths, marriages, maps, etc.) but an intelligent and comprehensive analysis that was tailored to my quest.

Mr. Kruizenga handled the entire project with honesty, competence, patience, and professionalism.  It is clear that he loves what he does and is very good at it.  As for the results of our collaboration, he solved a century-old discrepancy and gave me considerable additional information that I had not expected.  I cannot say enough in my praise of Mr. Kruizenga.

D. Walstad (North Carolina)

Congratulations to Diana Walstad for her perseverance to see this through.  Her book has now been published.  Entitled “Family History (1860-1950) of a Doctor’s Daughter” the book is available through Amazon.

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